Underdog Narrations

by U.N.

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U.N.’s second album views rock’n’roll with both the musicality and the rawness that it comes along with. Feel, understanding, an inquiring look around, breathing spaces and rapid transitions, all have their place in an underdog’s narration…


released October 4, 2014

All songs written and performed by: The U.N. Band

“Underdog Narrations” was created with Gibson Les Paul Standard guitar, Yamaha BB605 bass, Craviotto ‘n’ Brady drums & Paiste cymbals.

U.N. would like to thank all their friends and families for all their support, their love and their (much needed indeed) tolerance throughout the years!

Special thanks to Stefanos Lazarinos for his backing vocals and his Fender Rhodes contribution on “Thinking Of You”, Kostis Sotiropoulos & Dado Hassan.

Art direction, design & layout by: Jim Evgenidis www.iconfilmworx.com

Official Site: www.un-band.com
On Facebook: The U.N. Band
Contact: info@un-band.com

Underdog Narrations ℗ & © 2014, U.N. All Rights Reserved


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all rights reserved



On 09/01/2012 U.N. released they first full-length album under the name
‘Ulnar Nerve’ which is a combination of blues-rock, classic rock and alternative rock in a dynamic and groovy pack of the rock feeling that the 70s, 80s and 90s gave as a legacy to the musical scene of the 21st century ... more

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Track Name: Losing My Mind
Sometimes I’m losing my mind
Sometimes I feel like I’m going down
I need to find my self
I need to know who the fuck I am
Sometimes I feel very Ape
Sometimes I can’t stop myself to hate
Sometimes I’m missing my dreams
I wish that I could still have your kiss

You’ve got to hear me
Hate me, ‘cause you can’t hate yourself,
I don’t wanna believe it that life can be sad
Come on and get it
Shake me, I don’t feel alive now I think I’m losing
I’m losing my mind……

Sometimes I’m feeling so strong
Sometimes I can’t see what’s right or wrong
I know I have to think twice
I know I have to be cool and nice
Sometimes I’m feeling so high
Sometimes the lows keep me asking why
No more words in my head
No more thoughts ‘cause I’m stuck again…
Track Name: Devilicious
Do you think you’re pretty?
Woman you’re not witty
You’re just a lady
With an evil catching eye

Succubus: your nature
Sin: your only venture
I wanna jump you
When you twist your tail

You are hot and sweetie
Woman you’re a ditty
You are so delicious
You are devilicious

Baby I’m on fire
You always take me higher
You make me feel like
I could taste my sweet desire

And if I let you spoil me
I know you’ll destroy me
But I don’t care
I wanna burn in hell with you
Track Name: Ding Dong
Ding dong ding dong I got my chin on
Bing dong bing dong be gone be gone

What are you saying – are you playing
Playing with my mind all the time
What are you saying – you are fraying
Driving me insane you’re a slime
No matter how hard you try
You can’t – you can’t convince me
Everything you say is a lie
I know – I know just to please me

Ding dong ding dong i got my chin on
Bing dong bing dong be gone be gone

What are you saying – you are waning
My hart, my soul my everything
What are you saying – stop feigning
In the end you know I always win
No matter how hard you try
You can’t – you can’t convince me
Everything you say is a lie
I know – I know just to please me
Track Name: Thinking Of You
Thinking of you, thinking of me
Where did I go wrong, there’s so much I can’t see
You gave me love, in any way
Time after time, for every day

Now I’m dying, dying for your love
Now I’m trying, but I can’t let you go
I’m still hopping the time that I will see you again
Now I’m dying, dying….

In my time of lost, in my time of need,
You were there at any cost, you were there just smiling for me
You were sending away, my cloudy day
You were all a man can dream, and I threw it away
Track Name: Lights Out
Lights out… and turn the music on
You know, that is what I really want
Hard aims and still grooving on
Hard games and still fooling on

Hot – ice, easy - rock n’ roll
Pitched dice, you make me lose control
Thrill me, don’t stop just give me some more
Hear me, you’re like a rolling stone

Babe, babe, it makes me wonder
Is it gonna get “hotter” than “hotter”?

Lights out… take me by surprise
Hear this, you have to do it twice
Woman, you look and move like sin
Woman, you are like a sex machine
Track Name: Money Maker
Abandoned dreams, For a better life and better things.
Abandoned love, cause you think that you will get some more.
Abandoned friends, ‘cause you got no precious time to spend
Abandoned truth, and still trying to forget your youth.

A money maker
A decent neighbor
A flawless trader
And a smiley behavior

Abandon beauty, servin’ foolishly the call of “duty”.
Abandon risk, decline the factor that could turn you brisk.
Abandon freedom, the only state of things to gain your wisdom.
Embrace the sorrow, there is no hope for a new tomorrow.

A life faker
A silent crier,
Your own heart’s breaker
A continuous sigher
Track Name: King
I feel like an uncrowned King
I do not mind as long as I can sing
I feel like an angel with broken wings
Been down and out, I’ve seen some crazy things

Hey, you got to understand
Yeah, I got to have no ban
Hey, I have the upper hand
Yeah, I’m in a rock n’ roll band

I feel like a mother with no family
I do not mind as long as I’ve got amity
I feel like a hero without a feat
I do not mind ‘cause that’s not a defeat

I feel like a song with no melody
I do not mind, my music is my remedy
I feel like a God without humanity
At least I’m not a cult of personality
Track Name: Seems Like Yesterday
Well it seems like yesterday you used to say that you loved me
But back then I was just too blind to see
Your magic figure was in fact a covering, a role
Preventing me to see your greedy soul
The dreams I had are now destroying my reality
And now you always take a part of me
Different places, empty spaces now are haunting me
You seem to be the only sky I see

I said... I dont wanna be a desperate fucking’ lover
I said... I dont wanna be a lonely dog

Well it seems like yesterday I couldn’t put you outta-my-head
But the time has come to take a different thread
Has been just quite a while since life came knocking’ on my door
Drying all my tears off from my floor
I raised my spirits, drew my limits way up to extreme
My life song just came by a different theme
And now I‘m jumpin’, now I’m flying on a funky mode
I roll down on a non returning road

I said... I just wanna be a rollin’ tublin’ rover
I said... I just wanna be a hoochie coochie dog
Track Name: Artemis
I am your only hope rely on me
Your true love - will you guide me
And I ll try, I promise you I will
It is my purpose my absolute thrill

Will you remember? Will you Remember me?
I was just a leaf trying to climb the big tree
Will you remember…

Do you feel me - I am in need
Just like you trying to do a good deed
In my life I ve found nothing more true
Nothing else is clearer than helping you

Will you remember? Will you Remember me?
I was just a leaf trying to climb the big tree
But the branches were broken and I am left alone
And the dream of justice is now all gone

A captive now in this body of truth
I stand as the single and complete proof
Surrounded by a world –a world full of lies
I continue until there are no more cries.
Track Name: It's Alive (The Recurring Drama of a Creator)
Inside a void of disbelief and fear,
my hazy views, my will to enact,
For to create I need destruction as the key to the fact,
The plainest field, the beginning of the act.

Give me power… Give me strength…!
Fill the void inside myself…!

(the) Process has started, now I am god,
I rack my brain, I pour my thoughts,
At last I‘ll give some life to visions, machinations ‘n’ plots,
I cast my spells, I take my shots.

It’s alive… Alive and kickin’…!
It’s alive… Tick- Tick- Tick- Tickin’ …!

(but) Life came along with independence,
It doesn’t ask for no consent to come
My certain views don’t matter anymore for this to become
An ungrateful son, a bastard of a time to come

It’s alive… Oh brave new dawn…!
It’s alive… I ’m dead and gone…!
Track Name: Luxury Slaves
From the north to the south
String us up and cut us down
From the east to the west
That’s the way we like it best

In our minds among the dust
Nothing but material lust
Craving comfort in a shell
Magic beans ‘n’ all is well

Lord of our chains
Monotony reigns
No blood in our veins Kneel down ‘n’ pray
Luxury slaves

Give us war, give us peace
Just as long we get a piece
Promise us a wide range
God or Mammon makes no change

Let us live, let us act
Let us just ignore the fact:
In our golden shiny caves
We remain luxury slaves